Monday, March 9, 2015

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Let them eat Cake

This past weekend Diva turned 22. I have no idea how that happened. She's feeling like 22 is old (hmmm...try almost 48 on for size sista!)

This was not a significant birthday like let's say 21 was last year. So she has a rockin' Spring Break planned that just happens to coincide with her birthday so this weekend was just family Cake. 

I am not sure if "Cake" is a thing for all families. But it has been in mine for as long as I can remember and it even holds true for my closest friends who always were a part of my family cake and I theirs. We were just laughing remembering when, as teenagers I had to wait for my friend Mrs. B. (not Mrs. at the time) to go out, but first she had to have family cake then we could go. 

I was hemming and hawing about having Cake for Diva this year to be honest. First off having kids living at college and having lives of their own makes everything a logistical nightmare now it seems. And I was thinking is 22 too old for Cake? If I invite the usual suspects are they going to think "Really?" But after talking over my issues with Mrs. B and "Frances" they made me realize I was being silly. And who the heck is too old for birthday cake?

"Cake" is nothing fancy but it's not just cake either. It could also mean pizza or whatever too. But Cake is really not about the cake as I just recently figured out. 

Cake is about celebrating...again. Again with the same people that come every year to sit around the kitchen to chit chat and catch up for a little while. Cake is about making the effort on a cold Sunday night to go over and have a cup of coffee and be a part of each other's lives, and these days with everyone being so busy it gets hard. But you take the time. Even if you're going to be late or have to only stop in for a minute. 

It's about reminiscing about the birth stories of the kids. Or telling them the funny things that happened when they were babies that they don't remember. We have a shared history. We are part of each other's stories. Everyone remembers when someone had to cover a certain little cousin's mouth so he wouldn't blow the birthday person's candles out every single time(at 16 he's outgrown that now thankfully).We have gone from 6ft long homemade ballerina cakes and goodies bags to low key homemade requested old favorites.

We have little girls that want to open their presents in front of everyone and big girls who gratefully accept their gifts and then open them later in private. Or older boys who are all about the green and will thankfully accept a little something in the envelope. 

And it's not about the gifts either. It's about a room full of people that love you that took a little time to stop and celebrate you. Celebrate another year. Another year together. And I think if we don't stop and make time for the small things like the "insignificant number" birthday then things get lost. 

Relationships get taken for granted, time goes by and you look up and can't get that time back. 

I don't know where all the people in that room will be when Diva's birthday rolls around again next year. She may be off doing something fabulous for her birthday, and logistically maybe Cake won't be able to happen next year. But there will be another Cake for another someone eventually and we will make our best effort to be there. The little things are important, and I am grateful Cake made me remember that. 


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