Monday, January 13, 2014

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Food. Again.

Nothing would be more tiresome than eating 
and drinking if God had not made them 
a pleasure as well as a necessity. 

True that. I was searching the blog for how many time we wrote about food. Let's just say it's a lot,  especially these winter months when we seem to be 
eating nesting, cleaning, and cooking. A lot. 

On that note, I was on a cooking binge last week. I made the chicken enchiladas I made a while back ( Definitely not figure friendly...but after a week of Junior and I juicing for breakfast and lunch all week we decided we could have a few of his favorite dinners this week before he goes back to school. 

I did do this, this time though (thanks Pinterest) to shred the chicken....
Whenever I need to shred chicken for a recipe I bake it (which I did here) and then shred it with forks. Now you need to do it when the chicken is still hot, so you burn your hands. And for me two forks scraping together is like nails on a chalkboard so it makes me nuts. This worked beautifully (although I was skeptical). Throw all your baked (BONELESS...I didn't really think I need to say that that but....) chicken into the stand mixer using the paddle attachment. Put it on like 4-6 speed and Voila! Shredded chicken! No burned hands, no scraping forks!!! 

I also made two homemade soups and bread bowls another night. I will say I do not recommend doing that on a weeknight. That was dumb. Too hectic, got started too late, people not adhering to dinner time arrivals....etc. made it a pain the the butt. But yummy nevertheless. Not sure if I ever posted my potato soup recipe. I don't think I did. I will share. It's Juniors favorite and he always says "Please make  A LOT this time". I always make the same amount...its heavy, he eats a lot and then lays on the couch with a full belly after eating too much every time. I also made broccoli cheese soup which made enough for an army and bread bowls. Like I said D-U-M-B on a Thursday night, more like a Sunday with no place to go kinda meal. 

Potato Soup 

Broccoli Cheese Soup and Bread Bowls
 (not my recipes..always give credit where it's due)

See? A lotta dam work for a Thursday!!!


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