Saturday, January 21, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Football Food

Lately in this house it's been football and nothing but football. I have even succumbed to it as well I am afraid. (I realized that when I got a little excited to see women's Giants NFL clothes in the store...but haven't bought it yet!)

It had begun in August with Shorty playing for the first time. It hasn't ended. It went all through the fall. Then throw in the fact that now Hubby has two boys to watch games with on Sundays. Then throw in youth winter football...that still is going on, and then some football training coming up soon...yes it never ends. I get it now.

Besides the obvious joy it brings my son, it's good for our family. We all were watching it last week together (Diva too believe it or not). It gives Dad and Sons something to chit chat about. Football is good.

Another good thing about football is football food! I would take potato skins and nachos over cookies and cake any day. (Hence the fury to stay carb free during the week!) I love to have people all together in the den all over the couch with mountains of football food on the coffee table. Comfort food I guess.

A dip I make has become a favorite...lovely when paired with the droning of screaming football fans on the TV! Here's a page out of my ongoing recipe book that I plan on giving to the Diva when the day comes that she actually wants to cook something Enjoy!      GO BIG BLUE!


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