Saturday, April 18, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Aging & Weight

I have been thin most of my life- not anorexic stick thin but a normal healthy looking thin. I was blessed with good genes – I never had to really “watch” my weight and could eat whatever I wanted – 5 weeks after my first born I was back in my jeans, it took about 10 weeks with my second born to achieve that same result. After my third child, I never returned to my pre-baby weight or size. The days of calling my muffin top “baby fat” are over. My baby is 6 – time to face the reality that after 3 babies, and 40+ years, the weight is beginning to creep on and it is getting harder to take it off. I am 35 pounds heavier and two sizes bigger than when I got married . I have tried various diets – but discovered I HAVE NO WILLPOWER. I can’t leave food on my children’s plate or resist sharing their snacks. I admit to being an emotional eater. I love chocolate. This time of year always makes me start thinking about my weight – time to get into that bathing suit, time to show off those dimply thighs, time to shed the bulky sweaters and jeans. I have watched every Oprah show about weight loss, read all the diet books, bought every magazine that has a weight loss tag line, joined and quit the gym. So here comes Valerie Bertinelli, with a rockin’ bikini bod at age 48. WOW. I loved Valerie on One Day at a Time – she is going to be my inspiration. I know its not about going on a diet or joining a weight loss system but about making the right choices everyday and lots of sit-ups. Losing weight is about commitment – and I am already over committed! So I decided baby steps are the only way for me to go. I began Tuesday by eliminating High Fructose Corn Syrup from my diet. I am four days HFCS free! But it is hard to do – I even think I am having withdrawal symptoms. I am walking and lifting 5 lb weights – trying to take the pounds off One Day at a Time. Maybe next summer I’ll be the 40-year-old in the bikini with the rockin’ bod.


Cara said...
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Cara said...

Technically you will be a 43 year old with a rockin' bod but who's counting? We are going to be 42 this summer!!! Yikes! You go first!

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