Saturday, April 25, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Walking with a friend

Some people have therapists. I walk with my friends.

Yesterday I walked with one of my favorite walking buddies. I always joke that I have the skinniest lips in my town because I talk so much on these walks! I actually give myself a headache afterwards from talking so much!

We can all get satisfaction from other relationships. We can have great marriages or partnerships. We can get so much out of just being a mom. Ok, well most days. It's 8am for me so no child has annoyed me...yet. But in a world where you may not always feel up to par, or sure of what you are doing having women friends is priceless. I am lucky to have a wonderful circle of amazing women who couldn't be more different who bring something different that I need to our friendships.

My walking therapy consists of first catching up. We go through each of our family members and find out what's going on with all of them. My friend really wants to know the good things that happen to my family. And I can share the not so good things, and know I am not being judged. I listen to the not so good things about hers and offer advice, sympathy or at the least offer up a funny way of looking at it or something that could be worse so we can laugh. We can tell secrets without having to preface it with "don't tell anyone but..." we know that a therapist can't repeat what goes on in a "session". This all happens while interjecting critiques of neighbors front yards or catching up on so and so who lives there.

We all need a safety net of women friends. Someone to complain to who won't mind. Someone to feel what you feel cause really misery does love company. Someone who will grab your little one for you if your late getting to _____ (fill in the blank) and take care of them like you would 'til you get there. Someone who you can tell good news to and know they are truly happy for you.
Someone you can show the not so pretty side to that still wants to be your friend. Someone to make you laugh so hard even while reading her email. Someone who gets exactly what you are thinking when you make eye contact in crowd of people.

My friendships are very important to me. I hope I am the friend that these women need too.
We all need a circle like this to catch us when life just comes at us too fast. Lucky me I have a lot in my corner.


Rosemarie said...

The sisterhood/friendship of women,(when they finally forget all about the material B.S. that clogs so many brains for far too long)is one of the great joys in a woman's life. I too am lucky enough to have my walking buddy/therapist and nothing feels as good as knowing she loves me and our time together. What a gift to have, always knowing our conversation is totally safe, very unlike other relationships where conversation is somewhat guarded. I want her to know she is most definitely that friend that her friends need her to be. Lucky for us, we have her in our corner.

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