Friday, June 12, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Pride

Thursday night I thought I was going to bust... with pride for my middle child, Mae. She was Alice in her school play Through the Looking Glass. She sang and danced and perfomed like nobody's business on a stage with a bunch of other fifth graders. I was so impressed by all of them. And I think I usually don't give my daughter enough credit for her talent -there she was center stage and full on. She shined, she glowed - she was just incredible. It is something I could never have done as a 10-year-old. At the end of the play, she sang a solo - it was a slow, haunting song, and I just started to cry - I think I was so overwhelmed by her and so proud that my eyes just welled up. My girlfriend sitting next to me was crying too. The confidence that all the kids had on stage just blew me away. Afterwards we went to town for ice cream and my daughter was her bubbly, happy self with a new group of friends - it was like she finally found her fit - and I thought I will probably be repeating this scene for the next 7 years with most of the same kids... it was a good, comfortable feeling. When we got home, Mae cried for a long time - I think she was exhausted to start, she was so happy that the play went well and she was sad that it was over, she wanted it to go on forever. She cried last year when the King and I ended too. I guess after all the time and effort that goes into a play, it is hard to see it end. I told her there would be another one next year ... but for right now she had to think about dance and her show next week!


Sam said...

Bravo! Please tell Mae for me again, that I am SOOO proud of her. She did great! I can't wait to see her in the IHS shows! I will most definitely be coming home from college to see her light up the stage again! She was so smooth up there, and look more comfortable then I do when I'm on that stage! I was so impressed by those kids! They put my fifth grade Wizard of Oz show to shame!
Great Job!!!

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