Tuesday, June 30, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Yes My House is a Mess

For anyone who has been to my house, it is fairly neat. I am not a clean freak, but I do not like "stuff." You will not find a picture of my kids hanging on the walls or on display - I see them everyday in person. You will not find knickknacks, or plaques or pithy sayings on my walls. You won't see kid art on display. You will see lots of African Art. My frig might have a invitation to a birthday party or a report card, but I try to keep it free of clutter. It is a daily activity picking up after my kids - one at times that I wish I could give up - and sometimes I do. But I try my best to keep things neat.

Moving and packing changes things - right now my house looks like "crap." There are boxes and packing materials everywhichway. I do not know how to pack neatly - if there is such a thing. I spend most of my time these days divided into everyday household chores like laundry and dishes and cleaning the bathroom. Mixed into that is dealing with mortgage brokers, kids and packing. It is not easy to keep up - especially when kids keep dropping towels and shoes and barbies into every path you make. Or you have to stop what you are doing every ten minutes to drive or pick a kid up or settle an argument that has broken out. I do not want my kids help - their idea of packing is opening a box and dumping everything they own in it - I need each item wrapped in paper and every box labeled. They don't clean the way I do - though I do have them clean the bathrooms, I always end up redoing it. I try to have them keep their rooms neat - but it is a neverending battle. I don't get how we can spend 4 hours cleaning a room only to have it back to square one the next day.

I wish I could pack a suitcase with everyones clothes and leave the rest of it behind. Since that is not an option, I will keep on packing and my house will be a little messy - but I know it is only temporary - soon I will have lots of empty rooms - 'cause I don't have enough "stuff "to fill them with. I can't wait.

Cara's two cents: For the record I enjoy "stuff"...fodder for blogging tomorrow?? :)


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