Saturday, July 18, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Random Thoughts

I slept in today - so here are some random thoughts:
  • The Sun is shining - but I will spend today in my basement packing - yep still packing that damn basement - my goal is to finish today.
  • I did a woo woo shot last night - don't think I have done one of those in 20+ years and may not do another for 20 more.
  • Lu told me her brother was an awesome babysitter - he let her stay up and watch spongebob - if only life was just that simple.
  • I had some crazy dreams last night - trees getting cut down, cars getting stolen, just weird.
  • I don't have air conditioning and it was HOT last night - maybe that accounts for the weird dreams.
  • I am physically exhausted today - I think it may have been all the dancing last night.
  • I am glad I am not 21 - too many girls last night at the bar with their boobs hanging out trolling for guys...they put on a good show for the husbands though!
  • At 42 you just can't party like you used too - but I can still party even if it is only 'till 12:00
  • I am going to the Jonas Bothers concert tomorrow night - yea me - it is a surprise and the girls have no idea - hope they are excited
  • Life is Good...Like what you what you like :)


Cherie said...

Girl who are you kidding- you can party as good as the rest of them!!!

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