Friday, August 28, 2009

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Glass of wine in an Adirondack chair with a
view of the mountains...hmmm.

So the last couple days found the P's rambling upstate to visit Nana & Poppy. Teenagers sometimes grumble about having to leave their social life behind on the Island but, they know it's important to go make visits to your grandparents house so they go with the flow. You would think Mike was going to Disney, any kind of road trip with the family is fun for him. (again...good to be 7!) So with Ariel in tow off we go. Fighting begins literally before we leave the driveway. I threaten lives...things quiet down.

Plans for the days are to bum around feed the neighbor pigs and talk with their horses. And also to hit the County Fair. This fair is not for the faint of heart. It's not the "fair" that pops up in mall parking lots over the summer. Or even the delightful ones that are held in early autumn where you can buy cutsie crafts made by local vendors. This is the real deal. Tractor pulls, Horse shows, Best in Show Cow and Pig Contests, Ox pulls, Pig races, Dog agility decrepit old rides that little kids think are cool but make me shudder.

But it's fun none the less. I really get a kick out of how other people live. Although we live in the same state as these locals you would think we were from Mars. Try as I may to "dress down" I always seem to stand out. This people are not about fashion. The kids that enter these contests do not spend their summer sailing on the bay. They are getting their cows ready for the fair. Now I give my kids "chores" but I don't think they could handle "cow maintenance" on a daily basis and some of these kids are like 8 years old!

But it's a simple life. Not easy. Shoveling horse sh*@ is not what I would call easy. We even came upon a family and after a little conversation found out that they used to live three blocks from where we live. They moved up there two years and love it. They said "no stress"! As I watched them walk away I thought for a minute how that did sound nice. But as much as I like to get away for a few days, and I complain about the running...I would miss it. I would probably go nuts if I didn't have a lot to do. I don't know if my quality of life would be better as they had said. I don't think my "quality" of life is all that bad. The quality is what you make it I would think.

So we hung out at the fair all day. We watched pig races which was really funny. You gotta laugh at a pig named "Brad BBQ Pit" ...c'mon that's classic! We petted horses, watched dogs run through obstacle courses and ate greasy, fattening YUMMY stuff for lunch. (we did pass on the fried Oreos, Twinkies and dill pickles though...ew!) Everyone's pleasant...and nice. A different place to spend a day...but all I can do is a day.

So after the fair, back to Nana and Poppy's. No cooking for me again. Nice to go to your parents house...hee hee! Watched the sunset over the mountains, went to bed early and slept late. Loafed around, ate an early dinner then on the road again. Back at the house...get out of the car and smell the "beach air" that I normally don't notice....hmmm. Home.


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