Sunday, August 9, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Grateful Sunday


  • We sold the car!
  • Maple Street Dock
  • Friends who let you use their bathroom in case of an emergency
  • Lu knows her teacher (worried they might not place her until we closed)
  • Healthy Dogs - even at 14
  • Cheerful Husband ( beer helps)
  • tomatoes - even if they are not from my garden
  • sleeping children = peaceful Sunday morning
  • Trader Joe's croissants (in the freezer section - bake at home yummmm)
  • Our local downtown hardware store - who fixed my lock - no charge


  • Picking tomatoes off the vine and eating them in the backyard
  • Cracking up my kid that I really can do a handstand in the pool
  • No laundry to wash today
  • Not the sunniest day so it will force me to stay in and do some inside stuff
  • Getting served chocolate chip pancakes by my hubby
  • Visits from cousins just to have a cup of coffee
  • Sleeping past 7am... whuppee
  • Friends over for Sunday dinner
  • Happy with Mike's teacher for 2nd grade..whew
  • Aloe for sunburn


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Grateful Sunday


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