Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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I have been married 17 years. Like most couples we have our ups and downs - more ups than downs thankfully. In those 17 years we have both learned to compromise. To leave some things alone and fight for others and to just be with each other. We rarely argue - one of us usually tries to keep the peace and just gives in.

That being said, I think I know my husband better than anyone else in the world but he can still surprise me. He is like a kid at Christmas over our new house. He just loves it. He told the kids the other day he bought mommy this house cause she put up with him for the last 17 years and deserved it. WOW. I guess he does notice all the things I do for him and the family - though he might not always express it.

While away last week, he gave a toast at dinner that brought tears to my eyes, thanking all of our friends for their support as we battled the last 18 months to buy our dream home. That was big - he does not do public thank you's or express gratitude - yet he was truly grateful and wanted to share that. WOW again.

Sometimes people surprise us and I am lucky that the man I married 17 years ago can still do that. Fortunately his surprises are usually good- but once in awhile he gets me like the time he rubber banded the spray nozzle on the kitchen sink and laughed like a little kid when I ended up completely soaked. Those kind of surprises are more his style but I will take the WOW ones whenever I get them.


Anonymous said...

Congratulatiions! Or as your Italian friends might say, "Cent'anni!"

Rosanne said...

You are both lucky to have each other and your beautiful family. You deserve all the happiness in the world in your new home. Enjoy making those new memories together!

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