Monday, October 26, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Going to the chapel....

<----One of MANY photobooth pictures taken by my family at the was a lot of (and grown-ups too) had a ball!
Went to Mal and Mike's wedding on Saturday. Mike is in the Coast Guard so it was at the beautiful Coast Guard Base chapel and Officer's Club for the reception. The rain held out enough not to be a nuisance. The Coast Guard cadets stood with their swords held up over the bride and groom as they walked out of the church. And as tradition goes, the last cadet gave the bride a whack on the butt with his sword as she passed, which is a nod to her now that she is one of them. All the while we rang the little bells tied with ribbon in lieu of throwing rice. I learn something new at every wedding I go to these days.

Happiness at a wedding is contagious. Cue the wedding march and I get goosebumps. Especially when I just love the bride to death like I do Mal. And to see a beaming bride at the door of the chapel escorted by both her father and step-father (lucky girl) gives me that tight feeling in my throat. (don't want to be the blubbering idiot at the wedding!) I think though the part that really gets me is to watch the groom, (who usually looks like he is about to faint) see his bride for the first time. I wish I could bottle that and give it to the couple as a gift. So that years from that day when there are bills to be paid and kids running underfoot they could open that up and remember the feeling they had on their wedding day.

They are such a happy couple and really were so excited to be married to each other. They remind the old couples in the crowd, who have been married what seems like forever, how lucky they are to still be married to their best friend.

My friends and I watched the groom dance with his mom...and cry, thinking of when we will someday dance with our sons. We watched our friend dance with his step-daughter...and know that biologically she is not his daughter but she is a child of his heart, which is that much more special. Of course we cry again.

Weddings are magical when it's yours, but it's wonderful to share it with people you love. They remind you of when love was exciting and new (cue Love Boat theme...hee hee sorry I couldn't resist).

The priest told the couple during the ceremony "The sound of your children's voices in your home is the echo of your love." I like that. There must be an empty wall in my house somewhere I can stencil that on.


Corrie Howe said...

I love your post today. Do you stencil things on your wall? I want to stencil a famous line from Casablanca over my front door. I can't remember the exact line (brain freeze) about beginning of a beautiful friendship. Three quarters of my main floor is themed from the movie. I have black and whites from the movie.

I got the swat on the butt too at my wedding, but I had so much dress that I didn't know it until we were watching the video. My husband told me about it then. He threatened the swatter with death if I can out with a welt.

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