Thursday, October 1, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Random Thoughts

  • My new favorite TV show is Glee (Wednesdays at 9 pm fox). Last night the guest star was Kristin Chenoweth - one of my very favorite actresses - I saw her in Wicked on Broadway. She was so much fun to watch last night - favorite line? "Want a glass of wine, I just opened a fresh box."
  • I hate being cold. I love fall - love the leaves - love sweaters - hate cold. Heat not on in our house yet...woke up and was complaining they are cold and like my mother years ago I told them to get a sweatshirt...Lu asked me if I had a blanket as she came strolling into the kitchen in little shorty pajamas an hour before she is supposed to get up - I told her yes, on her bed and she could go get under it if she was cold.
  • I don't have a toaster, I threw it out when we moved - I just couldn't get all the crumbs our of it and really was not going to pack something with crumbs in it. So now that we don't have a toaster I am toasting the waffles on broil in the oven - big pain - I think I need to go get a new toaster.
  • I bought a new silverware organizer yesterday - it was the most exciting thing I did - I love to see my knives and forks all neatly organized.
  • Mae just came down and asked me to button her pants - they are way too tight and she could not do herself - I sent her to change her pants...
  • Happy October! Now the Halloween decorations can go up.

So those are my Random Thoughts for right now - I may add some more later. Have a great day!


sweetjeanette said...

I love it! It's 73 degrees here right now, but by the weekend supposed to be back in the 90's. UGH. oh, btw, I love cheese toast under broil...big thick slices of cheddar cheeze, crisp crusts yum... ok now I'm hungry.

thanks for visiting my blog!

The Redhead Riter said...

I hate being cold too. I guess that is why I am always very layered. Most days...three shirts.


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