Monday, November 23, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Christmas is coming early for me and for the first time for others…..

I told you it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And it’s not just me…..

I said I started playing Christmas music early this year which is usually a no no in my house. I am not sure why I am just in the mood. And it’s kinda like that good china that sits in the china cabinet. It’s sitting here why don’t we just use it? Well it seems I am not alone. I don’t mean the stores which start decorating before Halloween. They aren’t doing it ‘cause they are in the Christmas spirit. They are doing cause they want you to start freaking out that Christmas is coming and start shopping like mad.

They started playing Christmas music on the radio already.
When I heard it I thought they were just playing one song to get people in the mood but then another one came on. And another! Yippee! So I am singing on the top of my lungs while I drive. Fa la la la la!

Then I hear the local outlet mall had it’s tree lighting on Saturday night. I guess they want it festive for Black Friday shopping.

The Salvation Army Santa’s helper is already outside the supermarket ringing his bell. Some Main Streets have their lit wreaths already up.

Maybe everyone’s feeling the need to have the holiday spirit around a little longer this year. If it will keep everyone in a good mood for a few extra weeks then I am all for it.

Saturday, hubby and I helped out our church to deliver, count and box gift boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Local churches, scouts and other groups assemble wrapped shoe boxes filled with candies, toys, toothbrushes, soap etc. to be delivered around the world to children who don’t get a living room filled with gifts to open on Christmas morning. I didn’t participate this year with my kids in filling the shoe boxes. Life got in the way. But after helping with the delivering this weekend I realized I really missed doing it. I am making a mental note for next year to get my friends and their kids together to make boxes and deliver them up to church. It’s so important to have our kids be part of things like this.

The woman in charge was telling us stories of children who have received these boxes. She told us how children in orphanages painted only in gray, would tape the wrapping paper from their boxes on the wall next to their bed for decoration. It really hits home and makes you realize how lucky you are and that you really need to pay it forward. Below is a short video about OCC, to really give you an idea of what it is. God bless us, everyone.


Melissa B. said...

Our local radio station, which usually starts the 24/7 caroling on Turkey Day, decided to start a week early this year. I got into the spirit, though, and have been singing along as I do my errands, etc. I'm really getting in the Christmas Spirit. SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did!

The Packers' Pied Piper...and a PIE!

Rachael said...

I have noticed it too! The neighbors were putting out there decorations yesterday and I was listening to Christmas Music while I had my coffee! I love this time a year, it makes my heart happy!

And I am excited that this year my daughter's dance studio is participating in Operation Christmas Child...that reminds me, I need to go shopping for donations :)

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Love the Christmas music this time of year--after all, we only hear it for about a month. We also participate on Operation Christmas Child each year. My heart just goes out to those kids who have so little and are so excited to receive the shoe boxes. (I don't see the video you say you posted).

Visiting from SITS.

Anonymous said...

OCC is a great organization. It's sad that, for so many Children, Christmas is not the magical time it should be.

I'm with you...Christmas before Thanksgiving has always been treated as committing some horrible sin, but, this year, my whole family is ready for it. We were listening to Christmas carols driving home last night, and the kids were singing along at the top of their lungs (yes, even the teenagers), and it was such a nice time. And,yes, I've done some Christmas shopping, and I've put money in the Salvation Army kettles. I don't know what it is about this just feels like it's time for Christmas.

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