Wednesday, November 25, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: A Thanksgiving Random Dozen

A little fun from 2nd cup of Coffee...

1. Are you sticking to traditional Thanksgiving foods this year, or are you being "culinarily" adventurous?
Nope sticking to traditional, especially since most of the Italian Army will be in Florida for Thanksgiving we don’t have to have 47 pounds of lasagna before the main course. Just some appetizers…yum.

2. Tell me something concrete that you're thankful for. (Something you can literally touch, see, etc., not a concept like "hope.") My home. It’s more than a house. It’s my haven. When I am having a not so great day I can't wait to just get home, put on comfy clothes and breathe...

3. You knew the flip side was coming: Share about something intangible that you're thankful for. My family's good health. You take it for granted until it's taken away...

4. Share one vivid Thanksgiving memory. It doesn't have to be deep or meaningful, just something that remains etched in your memory. The first one that comes to mind is Wii Bowling Tournament. We did it one year…kids, cousins grandparents…and never laughed so hard!

5. What is one thing that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt is going to happen this Thanksgiving because it always does, year after year? It will be a LOUD day. But a good loud.

6. Do your pets get any left-overs? But of course. Ariel usually eats what we eat for dinner anyway. She is invited over Auntie S.’s house too. Who else will Willie play with?

7. Does your family pray before the big meal? If so, do you join hands while seated, stand, repeat a formal prayer or offer a spontaneous prayer? Who does the praying? Depends on which side is having dinner. If it’s my side yes, spontaneous and my mom says it but no hand holding…his side…uh, not so much.

8. Will you be watching football in the afternoon? If not, what will you be doing? I will probably be “hearing” football. We will probably play games like cards, Left Right Center or Pit.

9. There are two distinct camps of people on this issue: How do you feel about oysters in the dressing/stuffing? Ew. Never had it, so maybe I shouldn’t say ew and in these here parts it’s “stuffing”.

10. Do you consider yourself informed about the first Thanksgiving? I suppose. We talk about it every year.

11. Which variety of pie will you be enjoying? I will be making/enjoying pumpkin, apple and this year Key Lime.

12. Do you feel for the turkey?? (This is a humorous throw back question related to the 12th question in another Random Dozen!) I do if I am the one making the turkey. I feel the same way when I make a chicken or any meats really that are “parts” like legs or chops…ick. I am a hypocrite though ‘cause I do eat meat but I hate too look at where the head “used” to be. Blech.

Happy Thanksgiving one and all! Eat drink and be merry!


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