Sunday, November 22, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Grateful Sunday

1. Christmas is coming
2. Little girls doing Irish step dance
3. Dinner with friends
4. Mexican food.
5. Laughing with my hubby
6. Christmas music...already
7. Be able to do good for someone else
8. Sundays
9. ipods
10. Hot chocolate

1. Empty Grocery Store on a Saturday Night
2. Tom Turkey & All the Trimmings
3. The Barn
4. Warm Sunny Days
5. Planting Bulbs with my Girls
6. Old Timers who stop by to tell stories
7. Friendly Neighbors
8. BFF's across the street
9. Grilling in November and not freezing
10. Sunday Morning Breakfast


Molly said...

I've been resisting the christmas carols on the radio, since I feel like Thanksgiving gets the shaft, but I gave up last night, I just love 'em!

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