Wednesday, December 9, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Just wondering why...

A few things had me wondering why this week...

1- Why does Scrabble come in a Spanish version? There are tiles with letters...can't you just spell Spanish words with the old version? And if you buy the Spanish version can you spell English or French words too? Or is that against the rules?

2-Why do I believe in Karma? Well because I saw a "mean girl" from high school in Toys R Us that used to be mean to special kids (not to me mind you, I would have kicked her ass but good back then for sure) and my friends and I hated her for that amongst other things...well her ass is about as big as a billboard now...that I actually "lol'd" while I was on line. She didn't see me or didn't recognize me or whatever...but how I wished one of those special kids was with me so they could have laughed too....

3. Why are the stores out of Christmas lights on Dec 4th? Was I supposed to buy them when I was buying new school supplies? I didn't get the memo, sorry.

4. And why while we are talking about lights, do some strands of lights just need a jiggle and they magically come back on, while some require cursing and throwing and still won't come back on?

5. ...does your hair start coming out good every day right after you make a hair appointment to get it done?

6. Why did I feel it was necessary to explain to the troll at the Dollar Store why I didn't want to donate a dollar at check out for "fill in the blank" charity? For some reason after she rolled her eyes (and what the hell is with the eye rolling anyway??) I needed to tell her that the $30 I just spent at the dollar store was all for "Operation Christmas Soldier" at Mike's school, and not a thing there was for me...and that the 5 previous stores I was in asked for a $1 for a charity and I said yes...and that I had just left Toys R Us (where I saw Billboard Ass)and had purchased a $30 Cabbage Patch doll to donate to Share-A-Gift at church? And I didn't want to donate another cent thank you very much...I should have just said no and rolled my eyes back at her.

7. Why does there have to be sad Christmas songs? If you are sad around the holidays then why do you need to sing about being "blue" for Christmas or buying your dying mother "Christmas shoes"? Keep the music happy people...then even though you are sad you can maybe have a moment to remember what usually makes you happy at the holidays.

Just wondering why....


Beth P. said...

These are all really good questions! I completely agree about the Christmas songs. The one with the shoes... ugh, tearful every time!

I'm sorry you felt the need to explain yourself to the dollar store lady. I cannot stand it when people judge, since clearly she didn't know your situation.

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