Wednesday, January 20, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara; I < 3 Cleaning Supplies

Is that sick or what? This is what is under my kitchen sink at the moment. I still have a shelf out in the garage with more stuff.

I realized I may have a problem when Hubby and I were out shopping the other day and I spotted the stuff I use to shine my wood floors in a bottle with a different label. (see second from left Quick Shine~blue label) I stopped picked it up and Hubby said "you have that at home what do you need another one for?" I said " I don't want it I just noticed a different colored label" and put it down. But I thought about it for a few more aisles of shopping (Scene: me walking around store with a thought bubble over my head..."I never saw that blue label. Is it new? Is it improved?" I said sick!) but I went about my day.

I was in the store today (of course) armed with my short list and coupons. I need a light bulb for my china cabinet, which of course is down the cleaning supply aisle. Now, I had forgotten about the bottle with the blue label. Until I walked past it and heard "Pssst". Yes, it called me and yes, I took it home. It's cousin with the green label is for shining, after the floor is clean. This blue one is for cleaning the floor. ( I can rationalize anything).

Now in my defense a local store had it's annual super-duper sale and I got a lot of cleaning stuff on sale so I stocked up. Hence the different bottles of Fantastic (one with bleach; one without) or Lysols (spray, kitchen counter anti-bacterial can get salmonella from chicken juice OK??) But I love to buy it. I love to have it. I love to try new cleaning stuff. And I know all about being green and using white vinegar (which I do that's why I buy it by the gallon) and lemon juice. But I cannot help myself.

It's not like cleaning is my favorite pastime but if I am being honest I don't hate it. I was singing the Barney clean-up song in the beginning of the month if you recall. I had a cleaning lady a few years ago. She was nice. But since I don't need more friends, and I had to clean before the cleaning lady came, and it only stayed clean for about 10 minutes after she left so we let her go. Plus she didn't really clean. If you walked in and look around it looked clean, but let's just say there was no furniture/knick knack moving going on, on cleaning day.

I will try most new products at least once. If I love them I will tell the world. When Mr. Clean Eraser came out I almost had a parade. Clean grimy finger prints off my wall and not take the paint off? Can I get an Amen??

I would also have to cry if they ever stopped making Scrubbing Bubbles or Tilex. I may as well get port-o-potties and turn my bathrooms into closets.

I am not getting any kind of monetary compensation for posting about these items...I just like to pass along info that I have found useful. When the Mr. Clean Eraser came out you had to grab them when you saw them 'cause the store was always out. I used to buy extra to give to people to sample when I talked about them!!!!

So I admit it I am secretly a Cleaning Supply-Aholic. It makes me happy to walk back into my house after a day spent cleaning and smell clean floors or a white wash finished drying. Now you see why someone calls me Martha? I am afraid I am going to start secretly basket-weaving or churning butter next. But that would be waaaay to embarrassing to blog about. Loving cleaning products? Apparently not.


Jenny said...

Hi. Saw you on MommyBlogs.Com and thought I'd stop by to say hello :D

Anonymous said...

hmmm....two days ago I bought the Swiffer Duster, a delightful stick with a fuzzy dusting "thingy" on the end. Guaranteed to pick up more dust and allergens than your usual dust rag. Don't ask why I bought it; I live in the country. I could leave my house for months and would not find any dust upon my return. But it looked like a fun thing to own. Do you own one? If not, back to the store. As I have said in the past, it must be in the genes!

Luschka said...

I am trying to use natural cleaners, myself, and came across a great recipe, if you want to try make your own?

Stopping by from SITS, and thanks for dropping by my blog!

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