Monday, January 18, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: An Open Letter To Spitters

Yes, you read that right. Spitters. You know who you are. (I know this is not anyone who reads our blog)

What is the deal? Do you not realize that this is disgusting to do in public? I mean it’s always gross…but in public? Really?

Now, I am aware that I may be more sensitive to this than your average person. I know I have a bad gag reflex. My kids entertain themselves telling me about disgusting things to make me gag, make my eyes water and make me almost throw up. I don’t gag over your usually gross stuff like blood or guts (although I probably would if I was privileged to see/smell in it in real life). Weird things make me gag…like nasty dog food plopping out of a can (icky smell…drippy…nasty…aah! Gagging! You get the idea!) I could not feed Ariel when I was pregnant with Mike. Gag City. Any form of vomit (the word has been known to make me gag) except baby formula spit up will make me almost gag up a lung. (I suppose when you have been “spit up” upon by your own babies so much that you don’t own a top without a spit up spot on the shoulder you become immune.) Hubby is in charge of puke cleanup around here….child or animal. Someone or thing pukes I exit; he cleans. Poop I can do. Puke? Out of the question.

So my spitting observation began (any fodder for blogging!) the other day when I was talking with a grown man and mid-conversation he spat. He didn’t spit on me or at me…he just spit on the ground next to him and continued speaking. There was no “excuse me a bug just flew in my mouth and I need to spit it out” whereas I would have totally understood. In that instance public spitting would be allowed. I probably should have commented and said “wow that was gross!”, but I just kept conversing. Later that day I was stopped in traffic on Main Street USA. I was thinking what a beautiful winter day it was…clear, sunny not freezing. Then the man (sorry but all the offenders are male…I am pretty sure) in the car in front me of rolled down his window. I thought “Well, not that nice buddy to be driving with your window down!” You guessed it. He spit out the window. What the heck? (OK I didn’t say heck…use your imagination) A grown man in the middle of the day with oncoming traffic? C’mon people!

Then I continued on to Stop and Shop. I get out and walk to the entrance. I drop my pen that I am going to use to cross off the items on my list. I bend down to pick it up and almost lose my balance and fall over. This is because when I bend I see my pen, on the sidewalk, less than a millimeter away from the hugest blob of spit you can think of!!! (by the way my eyes are tearing now when I am writing this) I dam near fainted right there from bending and gagging simultaneously. I was sick to my stomach the whole time I was in the store thinking about it. I don’t have room to write about all the other Spitters I witnessed between the store and writing this post. (you know you are going to be on the look out for Spitters now!!)

So Spitters hear this! While I appreciate the fodder for blogging, cause I really can’t make this stuff up…CUT IT OUT!!! If you need to spit really bad in public keep a napkin in your pocket. Go to the restroom. Swallow it. I don’t care but it has to stop. It’s nasty. Everyone at sometime may need to spit. I understand. I spit everyday….IN THE SINK WHEN I AM BRUSHING MY TEETH IN THE PRIVACY OF MY BATHROOM!!!!! Get the picture? It’s disgusting. No one wants and needs to see it. It’s rude. I feel it’s right up there with picking your nose in the car because apparently you don’t think anyone can see you. It’s a vile, nasty bad habit. Stop. If I can reach one Spitter and convert them I have done my part.
Thank you.
(since I know none of you are Spitters feel free to forward this post to one that may be grossing you out)


Katie said...

My best friend is the same way, she doesn't like spitting, burping or anything else like that. My husband thinks its funny to burp really loud when she's over. I'm gonna make him read this. Well thanks for stopping by my blog I'm here to return the follow!

Stephanie Faris said...

There was once a guy who was interested in going out with me and early on, he spat on the sidewalk while walking alongside me. I called him for it because, hey, there are some things I just wouldn't put up with, and he said, "If we date, I'll be kissing you and you'll have that saliva in your mouth." Yeah...not helping!

Holly said...

I am pretty disgusted when I see spit on the ground randomly...NOT necessary! Good rant and good blog fodder!

Thanks for stopping by. I follow too...
Holly @ 504 Main

Flory said...

I hate it when I'm stopped at a light, and the person in the car in front of me spits. Gross!!!!

Elle said...

Stopping by from SITS.

Oh my...I could've written this post. I hate--No LOATHE spitters! It's so gross.

Emma said...

Spitting is horrible!! I hate watching people do it as they walk past me.. It takes so much for me to hold my tongue and not say anything to them!

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