Friday, January 22, 2010

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I was reading up about what makes a blog good. You know tips, ideas etc. One thing they said was to write about your kids once in awhile. A blog is something that will always be there for your kids to go back and read someday. Diva reads ours every week. Junior if he's being truthful only likes to read when he is mentioned. So today I will write a little about Mike. Maybe he won't be so impressed with the Spitting Post but he may like this one if one day he reads it.

This week he got to be Star Student. This is something he has been waiting for since school began. You don't get picked to be the Star just because your last name is next in the alphabet. You have to earn it. Each week three girl's or three boy's names go in bucket and if you get picked then you're it. To get your name in the bucket you have to have been well behaved all week, kind to your classmates, get your work done etc...the whole package. Some weeks his name was in the bucket some weeks not. He got picked for this week. Big news in our house. The Star gets to bring in a show and tell everyday, get all the leader jobs in the class, gets to have a special reader come in and bring in a special snack for the class. (hence the cookie pops)

The kids create a booklet for the Star to take home with a page each one wrote about why or what they like about the Star. So if I got to write my own page it would go something like this:

Dear Mike, (he likes Mike now that he is in 2nd grade)

I like you because you are funny. You can make me laugh even when I am not having a good day. You love me unconditionally, when I am all dolled up or still half asleep in bed. You have given me the chance to do all the little kid things again one more time. You are kind to others and not only because that's what you were taught, but because you are you. You are smart as a whip and a deep thinker. You are quite cute and taught me how to play Chess. You are honest. You are brave and not afraid to stand up for yourself (you never did get the memo that 2nd graders don't get to sit in the back of the bus). You sing from morning 'til night filling the house with happy. You let me call you all kinds of pet names and you don't mind. You will always be my Shorty even when you tower over me like your brother. I am a lucky mom and you will always be a Star to me. I love you.


Patricia said...

Wow. tears in my eyes. Awesome post.

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