Monday, February 22, 2010

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I really don't like scary movies. I used to go watch them at the movies when I was a kid with my friend or boyfriend. Now I never go see them in the theater. The ones today are just too horrid. Not only are they scary but they are gruesome to say the least. I am not into the blood and guts...ew.

The first time I can remember watching a really scary movie when I was about 12 and The Exorcist was on TV. I begged my mother to let me watch it. She did. I ended up sleeping on the living room couch with the light on all night, too scared to go up to bed. I have never watched it again. It scared the hell outta me. (no pun intended). I have come across it flipping through channels over the years. I do not stop...I change the channel...QUICK! Once in the middle of the night my husband left the TV on and it came on....I woke up to it. I was frozen...I couldn't move. I couldn't find the remote in the bed...I was freaking out. It's really ridiculous how a movie can affect me. I told myself it's only a's make believe. I guess cause I believe in the premise of that movie, that's why it gets to me. But it's Linda Blair for God's sake! Doesn't matter. I can't even watch her in something else...all I see is her green head spinning around.

So there's been many other movies since that. "Don't be Afraid of the Dark" with the little scary men that lived under the stairs and whispered "Sally Sally" and ended up dragging her down the basement steps. Freddy Krueger...stupid. Startlingly scary maybe but...there's no Freddie. (even if he did suck Johnny Depp into the bed) And can't forget hockey mask faced Jason. Although the year me and my bff went camping we scared each other swimming in Emerald Lake...silly stuff.

The other night me, hubby and Bff's (the Emerald Lake friend) watched "Paranormal Activity".
Good grief. Now I know why I don't watch this crap!!! It freaked me out and has been now for the past day and a half. Have you seen it?? Did it freak you out? I won't give any spoilers in case you are going to see it...but omg!!!!!!!!!! I don't know who comes up with this stuff...and I don't think I would like to know them, cause they are probably too scary in person for me anyway. But I knew I shouldn't have watched it. When they show the movie trailer and only show the audience freaking out during the movie....they aren't kidding. I watched in under ten pillows and and a blanket on my friend's couch. I actually hid my eyes during the last (CRAZY) scene and had to rewind it and look at it after I knew what happened.

Why do we watch these movies? It's like people that go into the those haunted houses where you walk around and people jump out at you and chase you with chain saws. WHY??!?!?!?

I don't know why we do it. All I know is I am sticking the "G/PG" movies with the younger set or chick flicks with my girlfriends. I am a scary movie wimp. Yikes!

Jenn's two cents: I remember watching Chucky with my girlfriend in College and we were screaming under the covers. A few years ago someone gave Lu a giant doll that looked earily like Chucky and out it went - that night - I didn't even want it in the house. I am not a fan of scary movies either!

Cara's more two cents: Mike and I have the discussion every time we leave the diner why he can't win the Chuckie Doll in the claw machine game in the lobby. There's no way he is taking that thing home!!


msprimadonna67 said...

My hubby is a huge horror movie aficionado. I just don't get it. Those movies--the few he can get me to watch with him--give me nightmares. I don't find anything fun or cathartic in watching them. The Exorcist, Psycho, Chuckie...all of these movies make me nervous even when I pass by them flipping channels.

Debbie in Nashville said...

Thank you so much for stopping by on my SITS day!

Have a great week,

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