Friday, February 19, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: When is information TMI*?

Is TMI just everywhere or am I just cranky? (*TMI=Too much Information)

Take Shaun White the Olympic GOLD MEDAL (may I remind you) USA snow boarder. The kid literally flies through the air. He is completely amazing at what he does. I am in awe of him since I won't even put on a pair of skis and go down a bunny hill. ( I am more of the beach, lounge chair, drink with an umbrella in it kind of gal) But what do we hear about all day today? The fact that his coach dropped the f-bomb when he was talking intimately with him before he did his last crazy run. Well, how about we back away with microphones and cameras so that people can have a conversation that is not meant for the world to hear. The coach wasn't giving an interview and said "Shaun did f#@*ing amazing today". Whereas then we would have cause to say "hey dude watch your mouth". If the media did not have to know every single move, thought and blink of every Olympic athlete then no one would have had to apologize for potty mouth. I would not have apologized for dropping the f-bomb. I would have told them to get their camera out of my face thank you. They wanted the inside the story and when it turns into TMI then they switch the blame. What about the poor guy that died before the Olympics started. Did you need to see his crash over and over again? I didn't. I am sure his parents or family didn't either. Again TMI.

Look at Jon and Kate. They invited the TV show in. They took their money and bought new homes, new cars and new haircuts. Then when the TV crew had the nerve to be there morning noon and night filming their spats it became some helluva nerve for the TV network to want TMI. Funny TMI and TLC Channel were their best friends in the beginning.

There are pages in "those" magazines (which I admit I peruse in the dentist office waiting room etc.) devoted to celebs eating "just like you"! Really? Sorry honey, but even Brad Pitt looks nasty stuffing a hero in his face. Again TMI, I do not need to see that.

Sometimes TMI holds me back when I blog. I don't want the TMI police knocking on my door. Sometimes I think maybe blogging is TMI....I am not sure. I guess it could be. I try not to make it that way. I guess if I put it out there you read it or you don't. Maybe TMI is different for each person. I know I like all the details when someone is telling me a story. I need to know "how" the person said it...what their body language was....what were they wearing. My husband, I know thinks sometimes I am guilty of TMI when telling a story, he much prefers the Readers Digest Version.

So maybe if we look for TMI and we get be it?


Beth P. said...

I COMPLETELY agree about the Shaun White thing. How ridiculous is it that the fbomb got more news coverage than the win itself?! (okay, maybe not that drastic, but it was close...).

This is a great post. I agree. There are some thing, like family issues for example, that just deserve to remain private! Privacy is out the window these days!

Anonymous said...

Then there's the story about the technician in the eye doctor's office; when she asked me if I was having any eye problems, I answered, "No, but I can tell you about all my other aches and pains if you like." We both laughed. This led her to tell me about another (nameless) patient who always told her the most intimate, nasty details of her health issues and life. So much so, that the tech eventually had to tell that she did not need to know that....TMI! The patient responded by saying she was sorry, but that she had no one to talk to. Hard to believe an eye doc's tech needs to deal with TMI, too! Such is the world we live in today...definitely TMI!

Lisa said...

Agreeing with you completely! People are funny, you know. We've messed up the boundaries or something...

Lisa @ All That and a Box of Rocks

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