Tuesday, March 9, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: R Rated Radio

"Woke in the morning feelin' like P Diddy, Put my glasses on, I’m out the door - I’m gonna hit this city (Let’s go)Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack Cause when I leave for the night, I ain’t coming back"

That is a catchy tune - I like the song - I will even admit to singing along when I hear it come on. But like a lot of songs on the radio these days, I am not comfortable with my 7-year-old singing along. The song goes on to about boys touching my junk and getting drunk and police shutting us down - again not really topics for a 7-year-old. But it's on the radio - along with a lot of other songs with inappropriate topics or lyrics. Sometimes I will have the radio on and not be paying attention to the song until Lu pipes up in the background - oooh they said a bad word. Which bad word? I don't want to ask for fear she will repeat it - at least she knows it's bad. Mae, my 11-year-old will tell me when a song makes her uncomfortable and will ask me to change it. Some of the rap songs on the radio are insane - talking about threesomes and sex and things that children should not be listening too. I am a huge country nut and sometimes even those songs make me cringe - I don't want to talk to my 7-year-old about two pink lines and teenage pregnancy.

In a country that monitors the safety of children so closely -with Internet security and rated movies and even suggested ratings for TV shows, I am surprised that the radio is not more monitored. That we don't have G and PG and R stations so at least you won't be surprised when listening to the radio what your kids might hear. My kids all have ipods - even the 7 year old - because I know what songs are on it and I can monitor what she listens to. When I go into itunes I can see if the song is explicit or not. I have more control.

In the car, I am sticking to Radio Disney from now on - although all the bubble-gum pop is a bit too sweet for me and Mitchel Musso gives me a headache, it's perfect for my kids.

Cara's three two cents: First of all it's not police it's "po-po" and second "whew" I thought I was gonna get in trouble for a minute cause I sing along with that in the car!! lol But agreed....I try to stick to Radio Disney or the other station that cuts the words out of the song so it's sounds like the record is skipping...annoying but necessary when you drive around with a kid that knows if he says the word "sexy" it gets a rise out of adults. So he won't be singing about "boys who wanna touch my junk, junk". (just me when I am driving along..ya know it's that whole "I drive a mini-van but make believe I am in a convertible thing that goes on in my head!!)


Rosanne said...

Don't listen to the radio, program your own music in the car with your ipod or cds. I'm trying to brain wash my children to like what I think is good music. Someday they will rebel and when they do they can catch a ride with one of you!!!

Lisa Kennedy said...

I actually Love that Tick-Tock song! It's very tongue and cheek to me and I think it's funny. In the car usually have news or talk radio on so that isn't really an issue for me. Oh when they were little I had this Weird Al CD that we played all the time that was Hilarious!

I also am a pretty big fan of rap music because in a lot of ways its like urban poetry. Some of it is pretty harsh, but it's the life they are living. Loved all of Eminem's stuff and like Jay Z a lot as well.

SafeHomeHappyMom said...

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