Thursday, March 11, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: What a Day

Yesterday was one of "those" days. You know, you think it's a nothing kind of day and then all of a sudden everything snowballs and you don't even get to eat dinner. It started out simply enough. Drove Lu to school, went for a walk with friends. After that walk, all I wanted to do was go to bed - but of course that was not an option. I took a little break, had breakfast and headed out the door to drop the dogs at the beauty parlor. Next I ran to Target for a quick return which turned into an hour of shopping - because I figured since I was already there, I might as well get my tea and cleaning supplies and whatever other "little things" - that added up to $60 - I needed. Left Target and headed over to Modell's to buy boy a string backpack - his broke. Guess what, those are "seasonal." They only carry them when it's back-to-school so they won't have them in stock until July - which is back-to-school season (uh, don't they get out the end of June? How is July BTS?). By this point, my head was pounding and I literally felt like I was dozing-at-the-wheel. I couldn't understand why I was so tired - I got my 8 hours, I exercised that morning and I had my caffeine - wait, nope, no caffeine. I ran out of regular tea and ended up having raspberry tea - caffeine free. So now I know why the pounding headache and exhaustion. Zipped over to Barnes and Noble across the street from Modells - they have a coffee bar - got a large tea and waited. Started to feel better and tried to think of where else I could get a backpack. Lightening bolt moment - there is a Nike outlet not too far from us. Ran over there and yep - they had it - for $10 - so I felt pretty good about that. Picked one up and should have been on my way - but where the Nike outlet is, there is another store called The Christmas Tree Shop. If you don't know this store, than google it - if there is one in your area - go. Be warned though, it is addictive. Despite it's name, TCTS is not about Christmas all year long - it is more like a glorified dollar store meets homegoods meets big lots. A little bit of everything having to do with home decor - some food - toys -drug store stuff - get the picture? It is owned by the same company as Bed Bath & Beyond. Everything in the store is cheap - I am talking $6 curtain cheap - 1.99 flower bulbs cheap - $12 dollar lamp cheap. I spent about an hour in TCTS - bought a few lamps, some $2.99 sunscreen, I don't even remember what else - I spent another $60. Left there - on my way home - it is 2:30 at this point and the kids get home at 3:00 - remembered I needed to go to a grocery store to get chop meat for the requested Tacos for dinner - passed the grocery store - turned around after I passed Cara in her car and she jolted my memory and headed to the store. Spent 1/2 hour there because of course once I was in the store I realized I needed so much more - another $60 bucks. Left there - started to drive home - realized I hadn't heard from the groomer about the dogs, called and yes they were done - started to head there than realized I wouldn't make it home for Lu's bus and of course, Mae forgot her phone at home. So I circled around looking for Mae - she would be walking home from school -picked her up - dropped her home so she could get her sister and I could get the dogs. Got the dogs, dropped another $100 bucks, came home, unloaded the groceries and whatnot from the car - and had to run back out because I was meeting the PTA president at the school for some Pajama pants for Mae. Met her - picked up pants, spent another $50 - drove home got Lu - took her to religion - came home, started dinner - which Sam finished and ran out the door to take Mae to dance. Whew. Sat at dance for two deliciously quiet hours and read a book. Came home to a clean kitchen - because my boy is good that way - made dinner for Mae at 8:45 and went upstairs to finish up laundry and such. Finally fell into bed at 10:30 - exhausted but read till 11:30 because my book is so good. Today is another marathon day - tax accountant at 10:30, cookies for the bake sale, Brownie meeting at my house at 4:00 - you get the picture. Who says stay-at-home-moms don't work? Next time my hubby asked me what I did all day, I am going to tell him to read the blog!


injaynesworld said...

I'm exhausted from just reading that! Damn! Draw yourself a bubble bath and lock the door.

Melissa said...

Man girl, and I thought I had a busy life on weekends. You make my weekends look like a walk in the park. Mind bottling up some of that there energy you got and given me some?

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