Monday, May 17, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Crazy

Gone Crazy..wanna come? 

So Prom Hell week ended great. Prom was great. Kids looked gorgeous all dressed up. We took pictures cooperated. They stayed had some pre-prom refreshments. The cafeteria was turned into an "Evening Under The Stars" after all the torture that went into getting it that way. Was it all worth it? Of course? Would I do it again? Duh. Junior will be a Senior (that sounded weird) in two years. Of course I will be there with my sleeves rolled up if need be. And then again in 10 YEARS when Mikey's time comes.

Now moving on...Communion mode...full speed ahead. Cleaning, cooking, pictures, rehearsal, company, guests teetering on 100. Yeah. Plus baseball, lacrosse, laundry, car pooling, homework, dinners etc, etc. etc.... (cue the King of Siam) 
So unless I have an epiphany this week my posts will probably be short and grumbly. So bear with me. Send good thoughts that I don't end being called the Lady with the Twitch in her Eye when this is all over. 

Peace out.

Jenn's two cents:  In ten years Cara & I will be pro's at this whole prom thing so it should be a breeze! It will be here before we know it...I think I may start twitching too.


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