Monday, May 31, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Still Memorial Day Weekend

Happy (really) Memorial Day! This is why I love this weekend. It's really long, weather is usually great. And this year we couldn't have asked for more perfect weather. It's the unofficial first days of summer. I know it's not official until the end of June...but I don't care what the calendar says...summer has arrived.

This morning we are off to watch the Mayberry parade, then another BBQ at Jenn's. Easy and well...simply fun.

We will take time at the parade to honor our hometown heroes...veteran's, firefighters and police. 

Again it's a good day to live in Mayberry. 

I hope you can take time to remember the reason for the weekend and have a wonderful day. I am planning on it.


DogsMom said...

Happy Memorial Day to you and yours.
I, too, did 2 posts, because I want people to remember the reason we get an extra day this weekend.

Around here it usually rains during the Memorial Day parade. At least every year I marched.

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