Tuesday, July 6, 2010

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Last week while I was in the city, Cara posted some pictures I took at ground zero.  I ended up there by mistake.  I decided while Mae was at dance class, I would do some shopping.  One of my favorite stores in New York is Century 21 Department store.   I hadn't been there in years - but it is one of those off price stores that carry many designer clothes at a huge discount.  Kind of like Marshalls on steroids.  I jumped on the subway and headed south.  I knew that the subway stop I used to get off on "back-in-the-day" was closed so I figured out an alternate route.  I got off at Chambers street and decided to walk the half-mile to Century 21.  As I was walking, I realized I was surounded by tourists - and they were all taking pictures - it took me a minute and then I thought Oh My God, I am at ground zero - or the spot where the twin towers used to be.  The hair on my arms stood up, I started to shake and tears welled up in my eyes.  I hadn't been there since a year or two prior to 9/11.  I can't remember the last time I was there - but I can tell you that I spent part of my wedding night at Windows on the World, the famous retaurant that sat on top of the North tower.

My husband and I were married in the city. Church on Park Avenue, reception on Rector street at an old church that has been converted into a restaurant, in the shadow of the Twin Towers and after our reception, we went out with our out of town friends to Windows on the World.  It was a great night - it had rained all day - but cleared up enough that night that we enjoyed a beautiful view.  A wonderful New York Wedding.

I had mixed feelings at ground zero - I have wonderful memories of the towers and I had great sadness for all who lost their lives on 9/11 and much anger at those who forever changed the NY skyline as we know it.  I have to say though, I found it strange and disturbing that this is a huge tourist destination. Although I will always remember, I find it too hard to visit.


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