Thursday, July 8, 2010

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Yesterday was a nearly perfect day.  Really and truly. Doesn't happen all that often but as Cara said yesterday, it was a day I was content and all was well with the world.  It didn't start out that way.  For one thing it is hot as hell out - which means its hot as hell in - no A/C in my house except my bedroom and my sons bedroom.  We are only cool when we sleep.  My 15-year-old dog is having bowel issues - truly not pleasant, especially at 4 am.  All that aside, I had a great day.  Sam was off to tennis, Lu and I spent the morning at the library (it's airconditioned.)  I picked Sam and some neighborhood kids up from tennis - made lunch, took a siesta, went to see Toy Story 3.  LOVED that movie - made me blubber like a baby.  Made me wish my 14-year-old son was still a baby - made me realize Woody and Buzz are in the atic in a box and perhaps I should set them free...

Mae is having a wonderful experience in NYC - staying with her Uncle and Aunt and being spoiled rotten.   Sam, Lu and I went to a friend's for an evening swim - relaxing, uncomplicated and easy. Came home everyone off to do their own thing - quiet and good - all is right with my world.  I have a good book to read, I have friends whose company I enjoy, everyone is healthy and happy.  A perfect day.


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