Monday, August 9, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Simple things today

I was in reunion land all weekend so since I slacked on my gratefulness yesterday I thought I would post one of these....

Simple Woman’s Daybook
I borrow this when my brain needs a jump start!
FOR TODAY Monday August 9, 2010
(I actually wrote this last night....)

Outside My Window...
I hear crickets, which taunt me at this time of year
as if to say "summer is almost over"
I am thinking...
I have been on Facebook reminiscing too much today...
I am grateful...
to have my brother here visiting this week...lots of laughs
From the kitchen...
I am keeping it easy this week got company
and lots going on..
 I am wearing...
"street clothes" as my mother calls them...and I want my pjs
    I am creating...
ways to make the rest of the summer memorable and fun
 I am going...
to watch my brother's band open
for KISS this week...way cool!
I am reading...
Gift from the Sea
I am hoping...
the weather is not too sticky this week
 I am hearing...
silence in my house as everyone has gone to their caves
...long weekend for all I guess
Around the house...
I have so many projects on hold and
I am really itching to get them done
 One of my favorite things...
is making a fire at night in the yard and I haven't done much of it this marshmallows?
  A few plans for the rest of the week...
buy a KISS t-shirt or not buy a KISS tshirt
...that is the question


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