Monday, August 2, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Happy Birthday Dad

Yesterday was a perfect day. A once in awhile kind of day - when the kids aren't fighting, the weather is cooperating - a cooling breeze, a comfortable temperature - and all is right with the world.

I had my family over to celebrate my dad's 77th birthday.  I had offered to come to him - they live about half-hour away but he wanted to come here.  I tried to keep it simple - I managed somewhat.  I don't think I can really do simple.  I didn't make the appetizers but instead did chips & salsa, cheese & crackers and pita chips and "Cowboy Caviar."  Cowboy Caviar is a bean and salsa type dip from Costco - and it is delicious.

Costco makes an incredible coleslaw and I was heartbroken to learn yesterday that they discontinued it - but I did get the recipe - sort of.  I will post it tomorrow.  I had planned to bake my Dad a strawberry shortcake - its his favorite - but somehow I just ran out of time.  Instead I picked up a Red Velvet Cake from Costco - not being a cake fan myself, I have to tell you this cake was soooo good!  Not too sweet - perfect cream cheese frosting and not too big - it was just enough for the 12 of us with a big piece left over to send home with my dad.  For dinner we had the usual - hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken, and steak.  I made the most delicious steak sandwich - recipe courtesy of Cara's husband Tony.  It got rave reviews - I will post recipe tomorrow.

The kids spent the day on the swing, playing bad mitten, skateboarding and running around the yard.  My dad sat on the porch and watched.  I asked him how his birthday was going - just perfect was his reply - except that the Mets lost - otherwise perfect and as he says every year - it's better than the alternative.

Cara's two cents: I am hungry now reading this and I think Costco should put you on their payroll for advertising! lol Bummed too about that coleslaw but I think I almost copied it so maybe not a total loss.


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