Wednesday, September 1, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Back to School Blues

Yeah I have them. I am counting down the days. I am anxious about next week and we only have two days of school.

This summer has not been my favorite. It definitely wasn't the most fun one we have had. No exciting vacations. Very hot weather. It's been just ok. But still I am not in a hurry for it to end.

School supply shopping which is usually something I like to do, is on my last nerve this year. I apparently will have to sell a kidney to get a yellow composition notebook. The school supply list is very short this year since the schools are providing a lot of supplies. Great. So getting red, green, yellow, black & white marble compostition notebooks shouldn't be such a big deal. Well it's turning out to be.

Found them in July in Target. They were college ruled. No good. Went to Staples last week. They are out of colored composition notebooks. OUT OF THEM???? School starts next week. You are an office/school supply store? Seriously?
They have some...some yellow as a matter of fact. Yellow with pink flowers. You tell my tough guy 3rd grader he is taking a flowered notebook to school and let me know how that goes.

Which makes me ask? Do they only design school supplies around girls? There are five million peace-signed, flowered, be-dazzled notebooks. What about the boys? They don't want flowers or "I Heart my BFF" on their notebooks. I am all for girl power. I have my membership card. But what about the boys? They should be able to have a cool notebook or two as well. They don't want pencils with cutesy smiley faces on them.

Found what I thought was a red notebook in CVS today. Mike says it's pink and it's not coming to school with him. Ugh. I don't blame him. In the light of day it's pink.

And his dam backpack that I ordered two weeks ago that said IN apparently back ordered. 'Til when I do not know. I will be calling them today you can be sure. So now what he has to go to school with last year's backpack? Are you trying to give me apoplexy? Do they want my head to blow off my shoulders? AAACK!

So all this crap to worry about now is pain. I am enjoying waking up and not knowing for few seconds what day it is...realizing there's not much going on for a few hours...flipping the pillow over to the cool side to get in a few more winks.

Oh and it's September already. But I like September. I am going to try to enjoy it more this year. I always look at it as the end of summer...but it's really one of the most beautiful months in these here parts.

Jenn's two cents:  I got you covered - I bought two sets of colored notebooks in July - you are welcome to the yellow and red if needed - no stress - my new motto! I am happy to get back to routine but sad to see summer go...I am not looking forward to early morning wake-up calls or crabby kids who won't get out of bed.


Anonymous said...

I feel like I could've written this post are giving voice to my thoughts! (scary!) As for finding that damn yellow composition book...I think it would've been easier to find Jimmy Hoffa's body!! Its like a Survivor challenge for the Mayberry moms who have a third grader! Talked to a mom who's kid is going into 5th grade and she still remembers trying to find a yellow comp. book 2 years ago!! (she found it in an off beat dollar store BTW!)

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