Friday, September 24, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Happy Fall y'all

I prefer Autumn...but nothing rhymes with Autumn. So it's official. Summer is over. You will know this because the 4 sided thing I have in my kitchen that has the seasons on it has been flipped to Autumn. If you have been in my kitchen you would know what I mean. And if my daughter didn't steal my camera I would have used a picture of that for the blog!!

I am good with it. The weather has been great. I am not even annoyed anymore with the Halloween decorations staring at me in the the stores. Now it's ok for pumpkins. Show me pumpkins in August and I may have to smack you.

Next week is time to haul up the ten several tubs of autumn/Halloween. I only bought a new flag this year. Ok and the cutest wineglasses. But that's it. I am going to purge some decorations this year. (really..) Or maybe I will sneak over to Jenn's and put stuff up all over her house...

School is back in full swing...feels like we never had 10+ weeks off. The pool is closed. (back yard looks sad...but I am working on it) Halloween costumes need to be ordered. Pumpkins need to be picked. Mums need to be planted...So much to do! But isn't there always? It's busy now...just wait til the guy in the red suit starts showing up in the mall...whew then it will be full throttle busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the weekend! Happy Fall ya'll!!!!


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