Monday, September 13, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Right in your own backyard

Over the course of this 4 day weekend we took the kids to NYC overnight and spent two days roaming around the city. It made me think that probably everyone could say they don't always take advantage of the great things to do right in their "own back yard" so to speak. We live in the suburbs and really don't take advantage of the city as much as we should. We went a museum, walked through Central Park, ate dinner at a place we love and shopped 'til we dropped on 7th Avenue. There's so much to do. So much my kids have not experienced and me too for that matter. So why don't we go more often? I don't really know.

On Saturday, I walked up to the Farmer's Market which I can practically throw a rock at from my back yard, but always forget to get up early and go to. It was early, it was slightly chilly, sunny morning. I wore a hoodie. One of my favorite things to wear. (As long as people don't stick their heads in while I am wearing it. But that's a WHOLE other story.) I bought organic tomatoes and blackberries, fresh mozzarella and bread from a couple guys that come out from Brooklyn. I have to say it was the best mozzarella and tomato I have had I think ever. And all I needed was to walk up to town.

This year I am not going to whine about summer being over. Even though it really is...well not really if you look at the calendar. It's really not done until next week. But once it's a football Sunday and there's the smell of a roast beef dinner wafting through the house....summer is done. Yesterday was a cloudy drizzly day. Perfect for football and roast beef.

But as much as I love summer, one of the best things about where I live is the change of season. And for a gal that gets sick of the same old same's a good thing. And maybe I can't sit at the beach (well, without freezing my butt off anway) but there's plenty to do right here, or pretty close by.
Open the door and see what's going on right in your own backyard....I bet you can find something great to do.

Jenn's two cents:  "keep your head outta my hoodie"


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