Wednesday, October 6, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: October=Costumes

It's that time again. Costumes. I don't have to buy the big ones costumes anymore, unless they are going to a party.

Back in the day (circa late 1970's) costumes were really no big deal. Depending on how old you are, you may remember the lovely plastic costume in a box (Raggedy Ann and Laura Ingalls respectively) which by the way I found pictures of on Ebay by searching for vintage costumes. Now I am vintage. Nice.

Geez, moms in the 70's had it easy. Go to store buy a plastic character in a box. Done. I think they cost maybe $10. We loved them. I remember being Raggedy Ann. I think I was Cinderella once too. And not this one that's for sure.
No, this ensemble costs $50, not counting "glass" slippers and updo. When I was Cindy I had the attractive plastic mask as pictured above. When we wore them our faces sweat underneath, even with the little slit in the mouth to breathe. There were plastic (kids today are not even allowed near plastic bags for fear of asphyxiation... we wore plastic on our face affixed with a rubber band which could also cause choking...just sayin'). So we had to lift them up and wear them like a sun visor to breathe or trick or treat for that matter. The eye holes were too small you would kill yourself if you decided to run with it on and never mind being run over by a car since you had no peripheral vision. No one cared.  We sure didn't. We didn't even care if the Cinderella "dress" was just a plastic (again) table cloth like thing with arms and neck cut out, with a picture of Cindy's gown on the front, that we wore over our regular clothes. No glass slippers. No updo. No worries. We stood on neighbors stoops and got our pictures taken with our friends from the block in their equally as "cool" costumes.

We parents of today do not get off that easy. If I was to add up what I spent on costumes from Diva's 2nd Halloween when she could walk and I bought her and my godson Tinkerbell and Captain Hook costumes from Disney. I bought every accessory for both of plastic anything there, to Junior's Knight costume in 1st grade with armour, swords the works, to current day Mike as the WWE Wrestler du jour...I would probably faint.

We get caught up in it though. We want them to be what they want and to look good. I think even the cheapest costume can't be less than $20 and multiply that by how many kids in your adds up. I am sure our parents bought us what we wanted too. But after numerous trips to the Party Store for silly string, glow in the dark "stuff" and additional costume "accoutrements" could get Halloween-ed out way before the 31st.

Not to mention the kids I play with are having a party so we need costumes too. Had I gone for the couples costume I really liked we would have been talking upwards of $300. That's nuts. So we are going homemade this year. I could tell you what we are going to be but, well know what I would have to do.


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