Wednesday, November 17, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Don't raise your hand unless you plan on lending it....

PTA grumbling again. Although now that I think about it I haven't been talking much about PTA lately. Probably because after talking about taking a step back I actually have. It's been a much needed break and to be honest I am getting kinda used to sitting back a little. Having said that...the same SH@* still makes me nuts.

A new face at a meeting had a lot to say. Not that new people are not welcomed. Just the opposite. Bring it on new people. I am more than willing to step aside if you want to roll up your sleeves. I will be happy to be a worker bee on YOUR committee. You can make all the plans and deal with all the pains in the ass! YOU can be in charge of all the "ups"...set-up, clean up, type up flyers and count up my guest.

Just don't come to a meeting pointing fingers about what you think is wrong with the school. Don't come with ridiculous expectations when you obviosly have NO IDEA how things work. That would probably be due to the fact that you have never been to any meeting that I know of, nor have you ever volunteered to help in any way from what I can tell. And since we have children the same age...unless you just moved here, I would guess that you have been lying low for the past four years.

You want to get involved? You have questions? Ask. But be respectful, tactful...nice. And as far as I am concerned be ready with that hand of yours that shot up in the air with "comments" to then use it to roll up your sleeve, with me and the other PTA "snobs" and get the job done. Otherwise there's a seat waaaaay in the back with your name on it. You can sit right there...on your hand.

Jenn's two cents: Well said - so glad I no longer have time for the PTA meetings - I prefer daytime worker bee.


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