Monday, November 8, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Monday Musings

So some things that have been running through my brain.....

1. Cuponk! I have seen this in the toy store, passed by it quickly thinking that it wasn't what I thought. While persuing Santa items online over the weekend I came across it again. Turns out I was right. Throw your ball...get it in the cup and it's light win! it me or does it vaguely sound like Beer Pong? Now I have nothing against Beer Pong. I may even have played it once...and I stink at it by the way. (sidenote: I was of drinking age+ at the time) My generation kinda missed the Beer Pong boat. We were more the "Quarters" generation. But what is the point of this game? Is it so that by the time my 8 yr old is in high school he will be  the all time Beer Pong  Cuponk champion? (it's recommended for ages 9-11) I am no prude, I don't have my head in the sand about underage drinking...but I don't think I am going to have a part in prepping my future party animal in the skills required to play Beer Pong. Shame on you Hasbro!

2- Yesterday, Christopher Knight turned 53.
Yes, Peter Brady! Yikes! I guess now maybe his voice has changed???
Sha na na na, na na na na na....

3- How can anyone say  "I don't check my email"  anymore? What is that deal? OK, I am on the computer a lot, I know. But in this day and age, not checking your email is like not opening your regular mail. Would you just leave that in the mailbox for days...spilling out and falling all over the ground? And believe me, lately I literally throw out more than 3/4 of that mail everyday. Email is greener if nothing else. Check your dam mail.

4- Town Tree Lighting. Now I know what I said about rushing the holidays. I'm not. I am just planning my December calendar. Last year's event was well, lame. I am not going to be happy if it's the same this year. I dont really like telling people how to do things (shut up). But p-lease if you're gonna do it, do it right. I do not have time to decorate the town Christmas tree too. I have several in my own house to tend to. Seriously.

5- Do your kids sometimes think you just fell off the turnip truck? (another one of my favorite idioms that cause eye rolling around here...) Lately, I think mine totally do. Are they new? (yet another) Hello? I need to go up in the attic and get out my can a "whup ass". I love them dearly...and they are mostly wonderful. But, every so often...hmmmm. And all at that same time. Couldn't be me. (wink wink)

Jenn's 2 5 cents:
1. Cuponk after bunco?
2. I didn't realize he was so much older than me :)
3. E-mail is essential - get a smart phone people - no need for a computer.
4. I think you should head the tree lighting committee - it was pretty lame last year!
5. My kids think I am from the year of the flood - and know nothing - if only they knew the things I have seen...and done...ssshhh.


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