Wednesday, November 10, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara Retail Therapy

Yeah that us and our girls giving ourselves the treatment at our favorite "there's nothing you need in this store" store. Thanks to the Groupie for bringing her camera and asking some poor wind blown shopper to take our picture. (yes she thought we were nuts I think!) 

We look forward to our jaunts to this store. The usual week probably has us shopping. That's shopping for food, kids' shoes and various other household essentials...ick.

But the fun of this is knowing we really don't need the stuff in our carts (which you can tell by the picture are somewhat filled!!). We can rationalize every purchase...
~ "I need more Christmas gift bags and ADORABLE wine glasses for the holidays"
~ "I need a rug and those Christmas balls on steroids for my porch! Do you want my porch to be naked and cold all winter? Seriously!"
~ "I need reflectors for the front of my house, a mack truck could come by and drive right over my lawn!!!"
~ "I need vanilla coffee cuppy things for my expensive coffee maker. I have a coupon dammit and now I don't feel so bad buying them!"
~ "I don't really need anything I just love the "I don't need anything in this store" store. (yeah OK your cart looks pretty full to me!!)

So don't think we need do this every week. (we couldn't anyway we need to wait for the merchandise to turn over...hello?) What we need is a few hours of being silly, buying things that we want that don't break the bank.

I mean if I can't buy myself a wine glass painted like Santa's belly for $1.39 then I may as well just go hide in a dark room. We need to chit chat all the way there and back in the mini van. We need to sit for a while and eat something not prepared by us for lunch. We need to sound off to each other about what issues are going on in our lives/homes knowing that it won't leave that table and is falling on sympathetic ears. That's my friends, to be cliche is... priceless. And if that involves the purchase of a sled with Merry Christmas written on it or a muffin tin shaped like gingerbread men, then I think that's OK.

Jenn's 2 cents: You got the Merry Christmas sled too?

Cara's 3 cents: I did. The medium sized one, as I already have a big one I put outside. :) Which one did you get???


Anonymous said...

Love the picture ;) and definitely agree that a day of retail therapy, which includes good eats and lots of chit chat w/ your bffs, is truly PRICELESS!

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