Monday, November 15, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara:Warm Winter thoughts

Yeah I said the W word. It's coming, you know it is. It's here officially on December 21st. That's over a month away and usually right around now I start dreading it. I'm determined again this year to not let it get the best of me. I tried last year and I did OK. I'm getting tired of hearing myself complaining during the winter. 

I am enjoying the last days of autumn for now. I love all the leaves everywhere even if most people think of it as a mess. We have had some beautiful weather the past few days. Even if it's dark at 5:00.

So in my effort to overcome my winter blues I am compiling a list of reasons to like ( I really can't write "love" just yet) winter. I recently bought a tshirt with a bedazzled snowflake on it. Mike said "I thought you hate snow?" I thought...I don't really hate snow or winter...really. I just hate the way I feel sometimes in the winter. I don't feel crabby all winter. I mean let's face it I can probably be crabby in the summer too. (I said probably) So I am going to start a list of reasons not to hate winter. Maybe by March I won't. But THAT remains to be seen.....

1.Yes, it gets dark at 5:00 but that means there's no playing outside after dinner...and for now I am SO over that. 

2. I like snowflakes.  I bought that shirt. I used to like to cut them from paper. Maybe I will this year.

3. I like snow. I like it on Christmas. I like to watch it fall.

4. I like unexpected snow days once in awhile.

5. I like snowmen. I have a collection of  them for crying out loud.

6. One of my favorite paintings is one I have by a local artist of Mayberry's Main Street after a snowstorm.

7. Winter means my favorite holidays, my oldest's birthday and my "going out" anniversary with my boyfriend (a.k.a. hubby) and Valentine's Day.

That's a few for now. I may add to the list. I know some of you LOVE winter. Any more happy winter thoughts?

Jenn's two cents: 
8. Wine by the fireside :)


Anonymous said...

On a dark cold night, hot chocolate with marshamallows and biscotti to dunk....mmmmmm!

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