Saturday, December 11, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: 2 weeks

In case you hadn't noticed, Christmas is two weeks from today. I hadn't put that little Gem in my head until hubby pointed it out last night. I am in good shape shopping wise - but not great. This is a different kind of Christmas in my house this year. I don't know how the kids will react but there will be much less under the tree. Usually there are mounds of presents. Everyone asked for something expensive this year so the mounds will be a neat LITTLE pile - very little. Everyone asked for a "wow" gift this year- something expensive. So they will get their wish but that's pretty much it - now I have to concentrate on the little gifts. Sounds easier than it is. What do you get a 14-year-old-boy who want nothing? The girls are easy - they want clothes, dolls, dancewear. Sam is a challenge and he is not helping with any suggestions of things he would like.

So the kids are almost done. Hubby is done. Sister-in-law done. Sister done. Dad done. That leaves my mom, mom-in-law, sister-in-law, brother and brother-in-law. It also leaves the wrapping - which I haven't started and my dear friend Cara has finished. I guess I better get out there and shop in between dance runs.

I haven't even started on Christmas cards yet - not even the picture - guess I will do that tomorrow along with trimming the tree and baking cookies.  What do you have left to do?

Cara's two cents: Now, now...I am not a total Xmas psycho..I still have presents to wrap for other people..cookies to bake..a tree to chop down and
cleaning and wait! I only have two weeks???? Ack!!!!


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