Friday, March 18, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cara: It's Friday - March Madness

Springtime is the land awakening.
The March winds are the morning yawn.
~ Lewis Grizzard ~

Isn't just March nutty? It always is for me. My first baby was born in March...three weeks water broke at my baby shower...then there was a huge snowstorm so we had to bring her home a day earlier than we were scheduled to go literally a foot of snow. (Oh! And I had no shoes, my family forgot to bring them for me!)

One day I wear my flip flops to run to the store...then the next day I am bundled up with a scarf and gloves freezin' my petunias off at the baseball field.

I want a fire in the fireplace at sundown after an afternoon of reading my magazine out in the sun.

We set the clocks ahead and everyone's a little off for a few days especially when I take a week to change the clock in the car and can't remember what the heck time it's supposed to be!

After a winter of staying in and long cold nights...suddenly no one wants to do homework after school...we eat dinner late cause it feels like 5:30 but really it's 7:00...and it's waaay too cozy in bed in the morning to get up before the birds. Suddenly the calendar "squares" are jammed packed with a zillion "to do's"...sports kick in full throttle...and graduation day is only weeks away.

March Madness may have something to do with basketball for some people but it's got a totally different meaning for me! I am so hoping for permanent flip flop weather sooner than later.

As Robin Williams said "Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!" Sounds good to me.


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