Friday, April 15, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Friday - It's a Wrap!

 Another week down...flew by me again.

I am sitting here mourning the loss of two of my soaps All My Children and One Life to Live.

Well, if I am being honest I haven't been a faithful watcher the past few years.  Life is busy, I am busy. I can't DVR them otherwise I will spend half my life watching all the things I have DVR'd. But I like to watch now and again. I like to watch in the nail place when I am getting my nails done, etc.

I have watched all of Erica's weddings. I remember when bad Todd was on One Life to Live. I like knowing they are all there in Pine Valley and Llanview living their crazy lives and I can drop in for a visit and pick up where we left off. So I feel sad now that I can't go there anymore.

I don't understand programs staying on TV that have idiotic, fist pumping "stars" that are tanned just shy of the color of a Cheese Nip who don't do much of anything besides get drunk and have sex, and shows that have one of the most passionate, dedicated fan bases gets canceled.

One  of my favorite trips was with my girlfriends to Super Soap weekend in Disney. It was so much fun to meet our favorite stars. They fans were out of their minds excited for the whole weekend. It was just crazy fun. I had wanted to take the Diva there once but now I guess waited too long and there won't be anymore Super Soap weekends. They can't do it with just General Hospital folks. (Yikes!! I hope GH is not on the chopping block next)

No more Soaps, no more Oprah...what the heck will be on TV now at those times? I am afraid to think about that. I hope not another talk show-host-wanna-be is getting their own show. No more reality shows please. (You know I love me some Housewives...but there's a channel for that and it has it's place there)

Is the world just nuts all the way around? With like what Jenn said yesterday with TMI. Are things we have come to know and love just not worth it anymore? Or is this just our age, when we have become set in our knowing we can pop in on Tad in Pine Valley is comforting and change is just icky?

Maybe. Or just maybe The Powers That Be at ABC just bite? Could be that too. Bye Erica, Adam, Angie and Jesse. I will miss you.
More of my two cents today.....I read in the paper that they are changing what we say in (Catholic) church now??? When they say "The peace of the Lord be with you always" and we say "And also with you" NOW I am supposed to say "And with your spirit"???????????????????? WTF? Sorry I am talking about church I know but...why can we not just leave some things alone people????????? Now church needs to be hip and happenin' too???? What's next instead of saying I go to St. Mary's Church I will have to start saying "The SMC" so I can be cool? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

I am wearing that 80's jacket and listening to Madonna today......I cannot stand all the changing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lori said...

Awww! That's sad! I would be at a complete loss if they cut Days of our Lives!!! I do DVR and watch it daily! My mom watches AMC - she will be so sad!

Anonymous said...

Boo, sad. And, yes, the world is nuts all the way around!!

Rosanne said...

I have not watched either of those for years but I did watch with my mom and Grandma forever. I guess I just always thought they would be there. As my Grandma would say (and often did, as she acted as though her stories were real)They should be shamed of themselves.

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