Thursday, April 28, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Once Upon a Time....

To me 1981 means eighth grade, turning 14, and the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.  I remember wanting to be her.  I am glad I am not - things didn't go so well for a shy-young-bride.  Fast forward 30 years and the beautiful, tragic princess' son is now getting married.  My 12-year old is fascinated by the whole thing - wants to get up at 4 am and watch - me? Not so much.  I think the overexposure of the Royal Couple has killed it for me.  Plus I am over the whole wanting to be a princess thing.  I think Ballerina may have those aspirations herself.  Kate makes that dream possible - she represents to all girls everywhere that you can be a princess - you can marry the prince and all your dreams will come true.  We will have to wait awhile to see how those dreams work out for her - lets hope better than her mother-in-law.  What I wouldn't want to be is Kate's family.  Thrust in the limelight for their daughter's choice of husband, their lives will never go back to "normal."  I don't want to live in the limelight. I am happy right here in Mayberry  - watching the royals from afar.  Maybe I will sneak a peak tomorrow morning.  I am kind of curious about the dress. 


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