Monday, May 9, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Floweritis

 I got it. Get it every year right around now. Finally get a few days of sunshine in a row and start spending more time out in my yard and it starts. I must buy flowers/

My pansies were just a taste, a tease really. They have since been moved from the front to other pots for now...until they becoming to long and leggy then they will have to go. The front of the house is pretty much done, so hubby and I have our yearly same old "discussion".  

Me: I have to get more flowers today
He: More flowers? I thought you were done?
Me: No, I am done in the front I have to do the back now.
He: Why? We have so many perennials now, that's enough
Me. No it's not.
He: Just buy  a few periennials and get rid of all the pots that 
        you have in the backyard.
Me: No. 
He: Tell me what you want I will pick them up for you.
Me: No friggin' way.
He: You know what? Do what you want.
Me: I always do.
Flash forward to mid-summer when everythings a bloom....

Guest: Your yard looks so pretty does a landscaper do it all? 
He: (chest puffed up) No. WE do it ourselves.
(Me: Hrmph!)

So off Ethel and I go today to explore a new nursery and hopefully hit pay"dirt" and find some good stuff. I will be armed with my outside notebook (of course, you didn't think I would have one? Are you new?) It will not be my only excursion to find the perfect flowers. This year I am going to put in a little garden with about four plants and some herbs. I will still have bathrooms to clean and laundry to do today..but I can do that when the sun goes yard won't wait!


Anonymous said...

Change "Me" to "Dad"; change "He" to "Mom" and you will know where your addiction comes Recent conversation: Mom: Why are you planting so much? Who will care for this stuff when we are away? Dad: Don't worry; I have the drip system set up. You know I have to plant; it's what I do!! End of conversation...the beat goes on!

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