Thursday, May 12, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Quiet Time

I wake up about 6 every morning. Sometimes I "sleep in" if I am feeling particularly tired until 6:30.  Even on weekends.  It is my natural clock, I don't set an alarm.  I rarely oversleep.  At 6:30 I wake up boy and make sure he gets up and into the shower - this takes several phone calls - yes I call him.  He is on the third floor and I don't  want to walk up there the 3 times it takes me to get him out of bed..  He comes downstairs around 7:10.  At 7 I wake ballerina - first time is personal and then I call till she gets up.  She comes downstairs around 7:45. Last I wake Lu at 7:45 - she gets downstairs around 8:00.

From 6 - 7 is MY QUIET TIME.  I make my tea - chat with hubby if he is still home - let the dog out and watch the news or blog or do what I need to do.  Sometimes I sit on the back porch and just listen.  This morning I set the sprinklers up for what I hope is the last time - sprinkler installation hopefully happening tomorrow.  Lu decided to get up at 6:30 today and I could not convince her to go back to bed - so there goes my quiet time.  No time to blog or watch the news or enjoy my tea - I had Lu who wanted to talk.  I took a deep breath and let her talk.  After all, I know the days are coming when she won't want to talk to me so I guess I should take it when I can - even if it means no quiet time for me and a blog that gets posted later in the day. She talked about this or that.  Nothing earth shattering.  I guess she just couldn't sleep and decided she would rather hang with me than lie in bed.  Hopefully tomorrow sleep will prevail and I get my quiet time back but if not that's okay - I know someday I will have lots of quiet time and be wishing for someone to interrupt it.


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