Monday, July 18, 2011

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I know I have grumbled on more that one occasion of "adults acting poorly". And as they still do (and some probably always will) I am happy to report that the ones I really like do like to be silly once in awhile.

As parents we get so caught up in the day to day. Dads and Moms go to work. They come home they are tired but the next "job" begins when the walk through the door. Moms that don't work outside the home do all the mom stuff all day and maybe if they are lucky when their kids are real little they get to take shower by 2pm. And when their kids are bigger they spend all their time driving people, PTAing, making meals (especially now in the summer when kids think it's supposed to be 3 big meals a day!!) doing laundry etc...etc.

So when you get the chance to ship your kids off to Grandma's or leave them home with $30 to buy themselves dinner, and you go off with your friends for the evening you are allowed to be silly. You don't have to be the "suit" making all big boy decisions at work. You don't have to be the referee breaking up sibling squabbles. You don't have to be the chauffer driving them to and from camp.

You get to walk along the back streets of Mayberry on a warm summer evening catching up with your dad friends on what's been going on with them since you all have be spiraling in different directions for weeks. You get to have a drink with townies and chat them up for awhile. You get to dance in your flip flops to the local band and act silly with your friends.

Tomorrow there's laundry, appointments and camps to get to. So when you get a chance to be silly and have fun the way you did long ago when you didn't have to schedule it then go do it!! Put it on your "to do" list...make the time. It's so worth it. My aching face from laughing and my still barking feet from dancing remind me it's true.


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