Saturday, July 23, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: hot

I am hot. Take that anyway you want. It is 84 degrees in my house and 95 outside so there really is NO relief. My husband LOVES the heat. I do not. We have A/C in the bedroom which he hates. On a positive note, today we are signing all the paperwork for the pool to go in so in August when it's this hot I can swim. Knowing my luck, once we put this pool in, Mayberry will never suffer a hot day again!

The relatives are were coming for dinner tonight to celebrate Ballerinas 13th Birthday tomorrow. I am going to move the party to MIL's house who has A\C and keeps it at 68. I can't believe ballerina is turning 13! She sure acts it but I now have two teens in the house driving me crazy. I think I need a vacation by myself!

Enjoy this hot hazy day...


Cara and Jenn said...

put some damm air conditioning in....Mike might not like ac but he sits in it all day at work..Tony

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