Thursday, July 21, 2011

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Here is the update to my DMV trip on Tuesday. Right where ballerina dances there is a small satellite DMV office - it is always empty. Except Tuesday when I take boy to get his non-driver id. It is packed. Estimated wait time is 2 + hours. I am not waiting. So we return our number B168 - they were on B130 when we got there. Plus There are all those other letter/number combinations which make no sense thrown in there too.

We leave and head to the bigger DMV. We get number H63 - they are on H61- score! Wait 10 minutes then called up we are told the clerk didn't read the form properly and put boy on the permit line. We need to start over. The clerk who made the mistake apologizes profusely and walks over to an open clerk. 20 minutes start to finish - finally government working right!

Tonight it's my turn to host bunco. I don't know what I was thinking when I took July because I don't have A/C...and it's going to be 100 degreese here today. Let's hope the cool bay breezes kick up tonight. I was planning on cooking but will do salad and wraps instead and maybe some frozen margharitas!

Back to cleaning. Enjoy the heat everyone!


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