Thursday, September 1, 2011

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Got to that Hump in the week and went sliding down at 100 mph to here I am today.

This time last week I had just gotten home after a few days at the beach with the Fab 5 ( my immediate family in case you didn't catch on...). I was doing all the stuff you do when you get back from vacation. So that's really a day wasted. Add in finishing college shopping to it, relatives coming for dinner that night and you can imagine nothing very constructive got done. But it was OK I had Friday and Sunday. Ha. We plan God laughs. And he had a gooood laugh for Himself lemme tell ya.

An EARTHQUAKE??? In Mayberry???? Seriously. I couldn't make this crap up. I didn't feel it out on the East end but my friends in Mayberry and up and down the east coast were very shaken up about it. (sorry no pun intended) That is "mad" (as my teenagers say) scary. I am hoping that's a once in lifetime experience for Mayberry. It's got enough cracks never mind in the earth.

College. Diva is finally settled up in college. Supposed to go on Saturday but we had a visit from Irene (thoughts on that below) that kinda put a damper on our plans. (hear the laughing? Me too.) When we finally got there on beautiful Monday morning, things went very smoothly. Which I have come to realize when I tell people (after they ask) they are astonished. No crying? No carrying on? No clinging as we were leaving? No sorry none of that. It was really a happy day. She was so happy and excited, it was contagious.

We moved her in (all 5 of us again...LOTS of family togetherness this past week) set her up, went out for lunch, did some last minute shopping and kissed, hugged gave last minute words of wisdom and we were gone. I think I heard a sigh of relief come from her dorm room as we walked away. She is ready. She is excited. This is the next chapter in our her life.

Do I wish she was a baby again? No, sorry I don't. (gasp! from other person) I am ready too for our next chapter. Do I miss her? Of course. Like crazy? No not yet. (double gasp again) 

When you have a 18 yr old in the house they aren't around all that much. Sleep out at friends all the time. Go to bed after you, and you wake up waaay before them. So it's not like we were tripping over each other. Her empty room does make me a little sad. When I look at the stuff she left behind, play posters, pictures of friends she has lost touch with, I hope she enjoyed every moment and didn't wish it away too much, in a hurry to grow up. I know I wished some away now and then. Wish I didn't now. I dont know maybe when it's Junior's turn to go in two years I will feel different. He's a different person. But right now, I feel right.

Things are going along right like they should. Letting go is part of it being right. And let's face it, with texting, Facebook, Skype there's a lot of keeping in touch. I know when kids my age went away to school back in the flood, there was none of that. It was "see you at Thanksgiving" and maybe you got a letter or two via snail mail.  So I know she went to the gym yesterday and bought some Lit books. I don't know if she stayed out til 4 am last night or did her math homework. As it should be.

Hurricanes - So not only did we have to batten down the hatches instead of going over to the Island to dance the night away, I had to listen to GRUMBLINGS of an 18 yr old who was desperately trying to become a college freshman and now had to wait until Monday. (48 hours is a looooong time when you are 18 and stuck in the house with no power with your parents and brothers)

Mother Nature needs to chill. Luckily for us, we lost power for a short period of time and escaped without any damage. Not so much for other people in Mayberry who just got power back yesterday. Or others upstate and in states south that got practically washed away.

Now while I hated the Hurricane and the hype before was starting to give me major anxiety I am grateful. Grateful the worst was we had to throw away some defrosted meat and ate breakfast in the garage after cooking it on the BBQ. Yes we stood around for two days waiting for it to hit and sitting through it when it did. And when you have been told for a week that Mayberry was the direct target it's a little unnerving to say the least. So usually I am bummed at the weather this time of year, when the mornings are turning chilly, and it's dark by 8pm already.  This year I am thankful for the blue skies and sunshine even if it means this time next week will be a school day and the routines start back up again. College has taught me not to look back, look forward. And be grateful for what's behind you. So Bye pool, beach and lazy mornings. Hello what's to come....


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