Wednesday, November 30, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Black Friday. Cyber Monday...Tuesday...Wednesday....

Ugh. Never thought I would say this but I am getting Black Friday overload. Cyber Monday is now Cyber week on Toys R Us website. My inbox has been blowing up since Monday's all crazy. I used to get completely caught up in it, afraid I would miss out. Whatever. If I get a great deal and I got some really good ones this year, marvelous. If I have to pay regular price for some things, then so be it.

I was actually thinking of skipping this year since I was away for the holiday but then we couldn't resist. (I am not the only one around here that has Black Friday fever Hubby and Diva are just as bad)

I enjoy the Black Friday shopping which has somehow now turned into Thanksgiving night shopping...with some stores opening at 10 pm. (that's a little nuts even for me)

We went to the movies on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving at 3:00 in the afternoon, and there were people in tents camping out in front of Best Buy. I am sorry, but what is so important to get in Best Buy that you need to spend Thanksgiving sitting on a curb? For me, THAT will never happen. Poor's gets just stepped all over these days. I like Thanksgiving...I like to enjoy the day. I need to hear/see the parade on TV while dinner is being prepared. (Even though I was in warm sunny 80 degree Florida I was feeling a little homesick watching the Macy's Parade on TV)

So the earliest shopping I will do is midnight. And that's only if I didn't host Thanksgiving. This year I was a guest (well..kinda I was at my inlaws so I guess I don't count as a guest anymore). And seeing as how there wasn't much for me to do the day of except making sweet potatoes (and yes I even conceded and didn't make more desserts since other guests were bringing them..I did miss my apple pie but I will live) I wasn't too tired to venture out that night.

We ventured out at 11:30 to get to Target that was opening at midnight. OMG. That's what I have to say. Line? That's an understatement. It was snaked around the whole store and into a second parking lot. OK I did want to get that gift but really? Saving $65 is really not worth THAT to me. We decided to go get coffee and come back and whatever we found, we found. On our way to coffee we passed Walmart. Well the Walmart shopping center is set way back on a huge piece of property so you can't see it from the road, if that gives you an idea of how big the parking lot was. Cars were lined all along the main (busy 6 lane) road. People were walking in the dark, not in a crosswalk, across six lanes of traffic with holding two carts overflowing with stuff and kids. Yes kids. Little kids. At midnight. Like this:
                       (Pixelated the baby's face...not her fault her mother is a moron.)

That was in Target, when we went back (now it was like almost 1:00 a.m. and we walked right in by the way...waited for about 10 minutes on a separate electronics line and got what I wanted no issues, no brawls, no gunfire...there was gunfire I hear in Port Saint Lucie's Best Buy...delightful...fa la la la la)

Again what the hell is so good in Target that you need to bring a newborn baby out, in the middle of the night in a germy, loud, crowded fluorescent lighted mega store? Mike wanted to come with us, he was pissed to say the least that we were leaving to go shopping without him. Never mind my hunting was for him, he is 9. He was tired already. There was no way he was coming with us. He needed to go to bed, not to mention the fact that he would have driven me out of my mind 10 minutes into shopping. Black Friday shopping is not for the weak... and especially not for the annoying.

I cannot believe how many kids I saw there. I have never seen so many like that before. I am not sure it's because I wasn't home. Maybe in Florida that's the thing to do? I don't know. One mother had 5 kids, I would say all under 7 years old, draped all over the shopping cart in various stages of unconsciousness. She was perusing bras. Really? I mean she wasn't there for the MacDaddy TV that was on sale. She was looking at bras. She couldn't do that next Wednesday?

For me Black Friday shopping is fun. We go out looking for a few things and if we don't get them we don't get them. Not the end of the world. We usually do though, without any stress. We laugh, we get coffee and maybe breakfast after the sun comes up and we aren't too stuffed from Thanksgiving dinner. Sometimes we drag new people with us who want to see what it's all about.

It can't turn into a stressful aggravating thing for me. For me that's not what it's about.


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