Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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This time of year I think the whole world goes crazy. The pressure to step it up for holidays can be overwhelming. From the day after Halloween to the day after New Year it seems we are all in overdrive. You have crazy moms like me searching for that all elusive doll to put under the tree to all the Grandma's and grandpas's out there looking for the perfect gift to impress the grandkids.

Added to all the shopping pressure is the day to day stuff. You still have to grocery shop and get the oil changed in your car and drive the kids to dance and go to the dentist. Some days it's enough to send you screaming out the door.

Yesterday I decided I needed to bring my car in for an overdue oil change and inspection. I have heard of local moms getting tickets for overdue inspections so I didn't want to be one of those pulled over on main street.

Hubby sent me to a new mechanic in town. A young family guy who is taking a chance in this crazy economy and starting a new business. This auto place will have my business for life. They couldn't have been nicer. Didn't try to get me to replace my struts or sensors or 1000's of dollars of work other garages have. They did my oil change, got my car to pass inspection, ordered and installed a part I knew I needed at a cost $300 less than the last mechanic who looked at my car told me and did it all with a smile. They treated me like I have been a loyal customer for years, not someone who just drove in off the street. In today's world, service is everything - and it's something we rarely get anymore. I see some stores are stepping it up - Of the 9 million stores I called yesterday looking for "the doll" one offered to put me on a wait list and call me back when it came in. How nice.

I think if we all put out a little more effort into how we treat others - especially during the holidays - maybe they wouldn't seem so overwhelming. And to those businesses who don't treat me like a crazy Christmas mom and try to help - a big heart felt Thank You.


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